If your school chose to use online sales, then parents can order online.
The school manages all sales of the yearbooks. Unfortunately, Classic cannot sell books directly to parents. Should you miss the online sales deadline you will need to contact the school directly.
There are many easy things you can do to promote yearbook sales at your school: Using Online Sales. Provide sale details with your school community using: School Website, Email Blast or any other form of school wide communication. Have homeroom teachers to announce the sale every morning. Mention the upcoming yearbook sale deadlines on the morning announcements. Place the posters and yard signs we provide in high traffic areas around the school.
You will receive a yearbook packet that will include a User and Content Guide. We also provide one-on-one online Web-Demos where we can demonstrate how to use and navigate around the software. We offer unlimited Zendesk or Phone support. Included in the site there are various tutorial videos. There are numerous resources available to you.
You will not have to wait for a CD as we will upload all images from the original, retake, and staff picture day about 30 business days after your Retake Day directly to your yearbook site. This allows us to replace any original images of students who came down for retakes and the processing of new images from staff and students that missed the original picture day. Once this is completed we will send you an email letting you know that they are available in your yearbook site.
Administrative tasks: Return signed contract and contact sheet. Organize Pre-Sales: Return online sales form Covers: Stock Cover: We offer a variety of pre-made designs for you to choose from. Please review the Stock Cover Order Form in your Yearbook Packet to select a standard cover and submit your selection via fax or scan and email to YearbookSupport@classic-photo.com Custom Cover: You can design your own cover by having a Cover Contest where students submit and vote on the best artwork. You can also design and submit your custom cover within the yearbook program. If you choose to use an outside program to design your cover you will need to upload the final digital file in JPEG format to your cover section in the software that is print ready (8.50 X 11 each side). Determine a deadline to have the Custom Cover completed and submitted to Classic by December 15th (Classic Cover Deadline). Ladder: Fill out the Ladder Diagram (included in your packet) This is a page by page outline of the order of your pages. Create Sections Using your ladder, you can start creating your sections in your site. Create portrait sections by grade level to include enough pages for each class in each grade. Continue creating sections to include all other activities or events (clubs, sports, special occasions, etc.) Send out Photo Post link through email blast to school community to help collect candids throughout the school year. Look through previous yearbooks. This will give you ideas and provide a loose guide to follow while laying out your yearbook.
All images should be JPGs. If you can control your image size set them to 300 DPI and make them 4.5×6 inches, 2241×3000 pixels.
Backgrounds and graphic elements can be created in alternate software like Photoshop to be uploaded into the software. Make sure you are saving these images as JPGs. If you want to create your own background, be aware that the page size is 8.5 x 11.
We do have a variety of themes built into the backgrounds and clipart of the software. You will have the ability to customize and save your pages in the program.
During your final proofing process, you will be instructed to download/save a copy to your computer. You can print this file to share with a school administrator view and approve before submitting your final copy. If any final edits need to be made you can go back and make any final edits in the software before the Final Submission process. Once you have completed the Final Submission step the book would be sent to the press and no changes can be made.
To help ensure that nothing is missed during your submission process, we’ve included a helpful Final Submission Check List. Once you have completed and returned both the signed Check List and Production Form to us at YearbookSupport@Classic-Photo.com we will begin the proofing and printing process.
If your book is submitted on your designated deadline the books will be delivered by the guaranteed delivery date or earlier. These dates are predetermined and included on your contract.
Yes. We only accept reorders from the school/yearbook advisor. There is a minimum requirement of 10 books and a small shipping fee.

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